Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal. Cover by Juann Cabal. Variant Cover by Belen Ortega. Variant Cover by Ivan Shavrin. Variant Cover by Ron Lim. Party Variant Cover by Pepe Larraz. Premiere Variant Cover by Juann Cabal. Variant Cover by Mike McKone. Marvels X Variant Cover by Skan. Space Variant Cover and Blank Variant Cover Also Available.

Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place - and it's only getting worse.

The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead.

And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned - harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars themselves. Someone has to guard the galaxy - but who will accept the mission?

And will they survive it?

Al Ewing (IMMORTAL HULK) and Juann Cabal (FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN) bring you in on the ground floor of a whole Marvel Universe of action and suspense!

Rated T+ - 40 pgs./$4.99 - On Sale January 22nd

History of the Marvel Universe Treasury Edition TPB History of the Marvel Universe Treasury Edition TPB - Written by Mark Waid. Art by Javier Rodriguez. Cover by Steve McNiven. DM Variant Cover by Javier Rodriguez.

It's the greatest tale ever told - and you've never seen it like this!

Writer Mark Waid and artist Javier Rodriguez weave together a sprawling, interconnected web of stories into one seamless narrative that takes you from the dawn of the Marvel Universe all the way to its end!

Far more than a collection of moments you may already know, this is a new tale featuring previously unknown secrets and shocking revelations, connecting dozens of threads from Marvel's past and present!

From the Big Bang to the twilight of existence, this sweeping saga covers every significant Marvel event, providing fresh looks at characters of all eras!


Rated T - 224 pgs./$29.99 - On Sale February 12th

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Guardians of the Galaxy #2 - Written by Al Ewing. Art by Juann Cabal. Cover by Ivan Shavrin. Variant Cover by Andrea Sorrentino. Gwen Stacy Variant Cover by Annie Wu. Chinese New Year Variant Cover by Yuze Wu.

Peter Quill fights for his life against the King of the Gods!

Rocket fights alone against the legions of Hephaeustus!

Phylla-Vell makes a choice between love and duty - with death on the line!

And somewhere, a black hole bomb ticks down to zero...

The Guardians' first mission comes to a cataclysmic end!

Rated T+ - 32 pgs./$3.99 - On Sale February 19th

The Thanos Imperative #1
Cover Date: August 2010
Release Date: June 3, 2010
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Miguel Sepulveda
Colorist: Jay David Ramos
Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna
Assistant Editor: Rachel Pinnelas
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Artist: Aleksi Briclot

Two years ago during the Annihilation War, Peter Quill and Nova talk about the beauty of space. They also discuss how they have changed over time. Peter comments that the war will make Rich a much stronger hero.

The two friends talk about the Abstracts and their role in universal events. Rich has a hard time believing that Eternity, Death and Oblivion present themselves in a physical form. As their camp comes under attack by Annihilus's forces, Star-Lord tells Nova that he hopes he'll never have to find out about the Abstracts.

Back in the present on Knowhere, Star-Lord finds himself in a deadly battle with Thanos. However, Peter Quill is no match for the raging Titan and quickly finds himself being crushed in his hand. Suddenly, Rocket Raccoon appears in a giant robotic exo-skeleton and demands Peter's release.

When Thanos doesn't comply, Rocket explains that he has a Rampart Arms Phasic Cannon aimed at him. He continues to inform the mad Titan that the power isn't enough to kill him but it will paralyze him long enough for the Guardians to recapture him and imprison him for life. Rocket Raccoon understands that Thanos isn't afraid to die but is afraid to live. The purple skinned conqueror chooses to let Peter free.

Moondragon, Cosmo and Mantis combine their telepathic powers and blast Thanos unconscious. As they try to figure out how Thanos got free, Star-Lord receives a communication from Gamora. She informs him that the Fault has been ripped open!

The transmission Gamora is receiving from the Kree explains how the Magus has detonated planets in order to turn the Fault into a gateway to the Cancerverse. The message is being sent by Medusa, Queen of the Kree and leader of the Inhumans. Also on board her ship is Ronan, Karnak, Gorgon, Maximus and Crystal of the Inhumans.

Suddenly, Medusa receives a message from Gladiator on the Shi'Ar flagship. The creatures from the Cancerverse have penetrated the ship's shield and are attacking the Imperial Guard. Back on Medusa's ship, the Cancerverse monsters have broken through the hull! The crew detonates the ship's Auto-Destruct in order to kill as many creatures as it. From a far distance in space, the Silver Surfer watches the explosion.

Meanwhile, on the Universal Church of Truth's starship Eternal Sin, Dark Quasar (aka Vaughn) updates Lord Mar-Vell on the status of their invasion. Vaughn informs his leader of the resistance armada that is fighting them. Mar-Vell finds himself perplexed about the fact that Death still exists in our universe. Dark Quasar reminds him the existence of death allows them and the Many-Angled Ones the opportunity to expand beyond the Cancerverse. Despite the revelation, Lord Mar-Vell maintains the idea that Death will eventually need to be eliminated.

Vaughn informs Mar-Vell that the site for the Necropsy has been located. However, they still need to find the avatar of death in order to complete the ritual. Mar-Vell believes Death is attempting to hide the avatar. He orders the capture of any being who registers as an anomalous figure charged with esoteric energies. To aid in their capture, Dark Quasar calls upon the Revengers!

Meanwhile, back at Knowhere, Thanos is having convulsions due to the large amounts of life energies attempting to come through the Fault. In order to stop the invasion from the Cancerverse, Star-Lord decides that sending Thanos inside the Fault is their best chance for victory. The worshipper of Death agrees.

Elsewhere, on the Resolute Duty, the Nova Corps and Namorita are fighting off the Cancerverse invaders attacking the ship. On Deck Eight, Namorita and Robert Rider are battling the monsters when Nova and Quasar blast their way through to help! However, their timely arrival only gives them a temporary advantage as the Revengers burst through the hull soon afterwards!

The Cancerverse's Thor and Ms. Marvel attack Quasar while the alternate version of Captain America holds off Nova's energy blasts. During the fight, the Cancerverse Iron Man detects an anomaly on the ship. The Revengers conclude that Namorita is the one they are looking for and kidnap her! Their escape leaves the Nova Corps and Nova alone and stunned.

Back on Knowhere, the Continuum Cortex has been aligned to allow access to the Cancerverse. Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy activate their passport bracelets and are instantly transported through. Suddenly, Thanos collapses from the overwhelming life energy contained on the alternate Earth. The Guardians realize they have another problem when they turn to find themselves facing the Cancerverse's version of the Defenders!



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